Thursday, November 27, 2014

Being Thankful, Being Inspired

lighting up my life and making
me cherish every second!
I am wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving this year and hoping that among your many blessings, you are thankful also for good health and celebrating that health and your ability to be active to the best of your capability by doing some form of exercise with family and/or friends today! I am now 3 months into my 3rd go-round of knee rehab (my first beginning 20 years ago after my first knee surgery), and I can't help but think back to what a profound appreciation I had my first time back on the basketball court after rehab. I wouldn't wish an injury or a surgery or anything ill upon anyone, but it really does give you pause when you start to express frustration in your athletic and fitness accomplishments, if you can hold onto that sense you had before of the miracle of recovery and remember how far you've come and be thankful that you are physically able to do whatever it is that you did today- be that bending over to tie your own shoes or running or walking down the street. I almost feel that my postpartum knee issues have come along because now is a time for me to reflect on that first comeback and realize how much stronger and more appreciative of my health that made me, to be with my baby and family whenever possible, and to get stronger mentally and physically for whatever the next hurdle is.

Today I am thankful for my loving and patient husband and my amazing baby girl. I am thankful for our extended family that keeps us going and shows us nothing but love and support. I am thankful for caring friends, near and far. And I am thankful for health and fitness. I may often be disappointed that I am sick or not sleeping or not able to run or exercise for whatever reason, but I am able to do my job, and I am on my way to getting stronger, and I know this journey back is in front of me for a reason. Today I ran 2 miles to test things out (of course I would wait until the first snow fall of the year to get back on the pavement), and I'm in pain now, BUT, I am  thankful for the opportunity to try. And I am thankful for having a daughter and a husband and friends and family and patients who all daily inspire me to be a better mom, wife, friend, physician, and human being. This holiday season, I hope you will all be thankful for your own health and fitness and your own opportunity to try to get better. Good luck and good night.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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