Thursday, October 22, 2015

How resolute were YOUR resolutions?

Violet wants to know how your
fall workouts are going. In this photo
we are on our way to the park for
a strength workout.
In January, everyone made resolutions about what they wanted to change or what they wanted to accomplish in 2015. Remember that? I also wrote a blog then about some tips for making sound resolutions, which you might remember or can revisit by going here. Sometimes it is easy to forget our highest aspirations as the winter drags on and then it is finally warm again and most of those nutrition goals go out the window with tailgating and barbecues and so forth, but maybe some of your fitness goals were easier to keep in the warmer sunshine. 

Well, folks, the days are getting shorter now, and the mornings are colder. Pretty soon it will be the darker and colder part of the year that makes many confine themselves to their couch with a blanket and some yummy snacks and hot cocoa. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that (love my cocoa!!!), but if you find yourself headed in that direction, maybe now is a good time to think back to those resolutions for 2015 and see where you are in accomplishing them. It is very easy to say that there isn’t enough time to accomplish anything in 2015, but you don’t want to let yourself go totally to the winds and make resolutions for 2016 even harder to accomplish. 

So, what were those resolutions? Did you write them down? You still have 2 ½ months to make something happen. If those were fitness or nutrition goals, I am here to tell you that you can definitely get something accomplished in as little as 6-8 weeks if you are motivated, so don’t give up, there is time left in 2015 to get the job done! Or at least to give yourself a head start on 2016.

Never too early to introduce your kids
to the importance of strength training.
My 2015 goals were pretty simple. After running throughout my pregnancy with Violet, I dealt with a lot of worsening knee issues because I hadn’t done enough strength training, so, in 2015, I wanted to make strength training a priority. With our Mommy-Babyworkouts, Violet and I were on the right track, but now my toddler wants to jump on me when I get out my foam roller (She thinks it’s funny, but I think she wants to go along for the ride, which makes balance a bit more complicated) or get on the floor to do abs. She doesn’t want to miss out on a single thing! She even tries to lift Mommy’s kettle bells…and ends up knocking them over onto the floor. Somehow we have managed to do 3-5 stroller runs a week and 3 strength-training sessions a week. Sometimes those are TRX workouts where she plays with toys and laughs at me as I do it, sometimes I manage to get in a solid kettle bell workout while she plays, and sometimes we take our resistance workouts to the park while she plays with wood chips or does “squats” with Mommy. Our squats are a deep squat with me holding her in front of me and then an upward overhead military like press where she sometimes gets a little toss and catch before going back down. She squeals with delight, which makes it all the more fun. Now it has gotten to the point where I say, “Violet, want to do squats with Mommy?” And she exclaims, “Yes!” Just as a disclaimer, be careful incorporating your kids into your workouts, though. Three concerns are (1) safety for your child, (2) maintaining proper form (for you- they don’t care what your technique is!), and (3) taking rest and getting good sets. Violet tends to want to do another set as soon as I put her down from doing one!

I know that this blog isn't info heavy, but I wanted to remind you not to forget your 2015 resolutions, and I also wanted to give some major shout-outs to families getting it done with their outdoor workouts over the summer and fall--

I have seen father-son tandem cyclists, a dad getting a serious run in while pushing a double stroller with his toddler and older child, and a dad running alongside his son who was using his scooter. Know the best part? All those on bikes and scooters had their helmets on, including parents! Way to go, outdoor workout enthusiasts! I am so proud!

But the winner of the season is the family to the left. When I asked this mother if I could take a picture and post it to my Sports blog, she said that I could and also explained to me what was going on. Her daughter had started out on the bike while mom was jogging behind the jogging stroller pushing her son. Then her daughter complained that she wasn't sweating enough and getting a good enough workout(!!!!!!!), so they switched! This little girl ran and pushed her younger brother while mom tried to ride the girl's bike. Go get 'em, ladies! Little bro has the bar set high for when he gets moving soon!

Are you feeling motivated? These other folks are making it happen, people!

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