Friday, June 5, 2015

Jogging Stroller Safety Update!

Eight months ago I wrote a post on jogging stroller safety and changes in running mechanics. At that point, Violet was not old enough to ride in a jogging stroller due to her developmental stage. Babies should be at least 6 to 9 months and able to sit upright with good tone before you place them in a jogging stroller. They should be secured similarly to the way they are in a car seat, with a 5-point harness. It is best to buy a jogging stroller for running with your child, since regular strollers do not have the support, padding, and stability that jogging strollers do. For more specific tips, please see the full blog post here. And, read on for the jogging stroller update, as promised!

Since writing my first blog on this topic, I researched many strollers and decided on the Bob Revolution SE because it seemed like the best fit for us. It has an adjustable handle, a swivel and lock front wheel, internal pockets for toys/keys/water, a nice canopy, and, too boot, it's easy to fold up and transport. Read on for details on why this stroller is our favorite:

*Adjustable handle - nice for people who are runners of different heights, but not such a big deal for my husband and I, as we are both tall 

Violet got this nifty tracksuit which
is great for workouts, especially
the rainy runs we did this week. I told her
we were putting this photo on the blog,
so she wanted to say hi to all of Mommy's
readers. Notice how the wheel in this
photo is not locked in the front position yet.
*Swivel and lock front wheel - I highly recommend this for anyone who thinks they will use their stroller for the occasional walk in addition to running. We bought a "Snap n Go" type stroller when Violet was a baby because snapping the car seat directly into the stroller seemed like the way to go. I never really used the stroller because I was in love with the Ergo carrier and going for cuddly walks with my girl, but my mother-in-law loved the car-seat-stroller combo,and it was light-weight and easily portable. We still haven't bought another stroller for our growing, almost-13-month-old because the jogging stroller duels as both a walking and a jogging device. The front wheel of the Bob Revolution enables us to lock it for straight-forward running which provides greater stability, and then as soon as we are done with our run, we unlock it, and the swivel wheel is easily maneuverable for getting the stroller back into the elevator and apartment. Perfect! For this reason, it is a nice feature, even if you're not planning to use your jogging stroller for your everyday stroller; it just makes it easier to get your jogging stroller to and from wherever you are doing your jog!

*Pockets that fit sippy cups or toys perfectly - maybe you have certain things that you need during your run, so does your child! During our first longer run with Violet, she slept some but woke up after about 45 minutes, downed an entire sippy cup of water, and then kicked back and enjoyed the rest of the ride. Older kids may need a break during the middle of your run to run around and play themselves, and they may need toys. Hydration and snacks are important for you and your child for the longer distances.

Running for the weather. Remember- you
are not the only one who needs to choose
running gear wisely. In general, baby needs one
more extra layer than what you would wear if
sitting and not active in the outdoor climate. For a
stroller jog, also consider wind and sun exposure.
*Canopy - protects your child from the elements! Violet has very long legs, so I always make sure she has pants
or sunscreen covering her from the sun, but then earlier this week we did a few rainy runs, and the canopy worked great for that as well! I was reluctant to take her out at first, and we tried to run during the periods of the day without rain, but inevitably got caught in some drizzle. The canopy kept her dry except for just some light drops on her legs, so you can run rain or shine to a certain extent. No lightning and no crazy thunderstorms, thank you! 

*NAPS! - My husband calls our jogging stroller, "The Enterprise," because he says that Violet wants him to go "warp speed." I call it the "dream sleeper" because Violet falls asleep in it within 15-20 minutes of running. Lately she will continue her nap at home when we return, under the nice shade of the canopy. Then Mommy has time to lift weights and shower! Some days this is the only way we get a nap, and she wakes up so happy, so I am always thankful to the stroller for our Mommy-baby running time and our baby nap time!

Our girl holding Mommy's and Daddy's
medals. The least we could do since she
trained every weekend with us but didn't
get to go in the race on the big day.
I can't say enough great stuff about this stroller. We trained for the Indianapolis 500 Mini Marathon, and Violet did every single long run with us, having a ball with her Daddy going warp speed! We were sad that we didn't get to bring her with us for the race, but strollers aren't allowed for the Mini. As in the previous blog, always remember to check with your race directors to see if strollers are allowed. Sometimes they are! 

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